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Amazingly Beautiful Waterfalls Lebanon

Travel places : Lebanon.

This breathtaking  Baatara gorge waterfall which is 255m. Also known as:
“Cave of the Three Bridges,” an abyss, “Three Bridges Chasm”, sinkhole, “pothole” and “hole in the wall.” 

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lollipop Holidays 2015 - Unique Destination Ideas


Some Travel Inpiration for this spring / summer 2015 holidays:


The Dead Sea, between Jordan and Israel and the Palestinian Territories, is a very salty lake in the bottom of the Jordan valley. At 400 metres (1,312 feet) below sea level, it is the lowest point on Earth. The salts of the Dead Sea are used by the chemical and cosmetics industries. They are collected by allowing water from the sea to evaporate, leaving the salts behind. This, combined with a reduction of water entering the Dead Sea, is causing the shoreline to retreat by up to 1 metre (3 feet) every year.
On the eastern shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan, the shoreline has ^ retreated leaving behind heavy deposits of salt.

Seas and oceans Around: 

The coastline of the region stretches from the Atlantic Ocean off Morocco through the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf, to the Arabian Sea off Oman. Only Afghanistan lacks any coastline. Coasts have long been important for trade and fishing, and for this reason are quite heavily populated. The region's coasts also attract tourists, as in Tunisia and the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. Sinai has the added advantage of some of the world's best coral reefs, close to shore in the Red Sea. These attract divers from across the world.
The region also has three inland seas - the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea. The Black Sea, to the north of Turkey, is connected to the Mediterranean by the Bosporus Strait. The Caspian Sea is an inland salty lake to the north of Iran. It is the world's largest lake, covering 370,992 square kilometres (143,240 square miles), and has large reserves
of oil and gas beneath its waters.
Visit : Dead Sea Page.
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It has been said that if you do not have time to visit the world you should visit Madeira. Imagine what it would be like to have a bit of all the best parts of the world in one place, add in some European culture and you have the Madeiran archipelago. However, Madeira is more than the sum of its parts; it has an identity that is also unique.
The islands of the Madeiran archipelago are a fascinating blend of contrasting and unlikely ingredients, places that I remind you of other far-flung i destinations, while remaining uniquely themselves. H N Coleridge wrote in 1825 that Madeira... ‘ensures almost every European comfort together with almost every tropical luxury’. The steep terraced hillsides with their burgeoning banana crops may put you in mind of Bali or the Philippines; English roses and perennials grow in profusion alongside Asian orchids and Indian tulip trees; the island’s fragrant eucalyptus woods recall Australia, while the gorse- covered moorlands of the central plateau could be in the Scottish Highlands. The architecture of Madeira’s capital evokes yet another place and time - the elegant balconies and shaded patios of Funchal seem straight out of the half- real, half-imaginary world of an Isabel Allende or Gabriel Garcia MArquez novel, while its streets depict paving patterns with I more modem aesthetic.
On top of all this, Madeira encompasses spectacular ravines and waterfalls, ever- changing skies and seas, and mountain tops where you can enjoy a rare sense of stillness and peace as you admire the magnificent panoramas. Bustling Funchal is also part of Madeira’s rich texture and it is a pleasure to return to the capital at the end of a long day’s tour, knowing that you can look forward to all the modem comforts of a luxurious hotel and the prospect of an excellent dinner - with or without a glass or two of Madeira, the island’s fortified wine. Nature’s profusion is all the more enjoyable when accompanied by such civilised comforts, and that is why Madeira is such a delightful and ' satisfying holiday destination. Walking the island’s levadas and visiting its gardens, observing its wealth of folk traditions and customs and meeting its hospitable and easy-going people, will provide a complete change
of scene.

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Lollipop Holidays for 2015

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It is always a good idea to book your summer holiday before christmas while you have enough budget and credit cards not exhausted.
Some interesting and popular destinations for your holiday inspiration:

  1. Turkey
    Amazingly cheap holidays and beauty of the nature welcomes you in Turkey.

2. Grecee Holidays 2015

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Fizzy Holidays : Land of Cheap Holidays

How to Find the Cheap Holidays for the Brits:
Spending holiday with the ones close to your heart is something you cherish for. No wonder, it also helps in de-stressing from the hectic work life. In fact, holidays are most preferable way to get a much-needed break. Moreover, going on a cheap holiday sounds a more prospective idea to rejuvenate. Cheap holidays for Brits are an outstanding offer for the travel freaks who love to go out. The Brits can select the destination as per the budget, desire and convenience.
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Travel agents can help you
There are online travel agents who aid you in deciding the offer you actually want. You can get a comparison of various deals on the websites. In a way, you can arrive at the cheapest holiday deal that suit you the best. In fact, the selection depends on a number of factors like facilities, budget, and value for money.
Filter the search
While searching, you can select the date of boarding the train or plane and also the number of days you want to be in the beautiful and serene spot. You can get the most perfect result by smartly filtering your search.
Holidays and Your Refreshment

Holidays are the best way to refresh and rejuvenate. Whether it is a family holiday or a leisure trip with your spouse or partner, holidays are the perfect gateways to land in the lands of leisure, refreshment and enjoyment. So, whether you are searching for a way to rejuvenate or want to spend time with your spouse or partner, just plan for a holiday. With many cheap holiday deals available out there in the travel market, you will get the best holiday packages for your holidays.

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Cheap Sun Holidays : Sunsave and Sunshine Holidays
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Compare Cheap Holiday Websites

Find Best deals : Compare Holidays from best Travel Sites

An Effort to Compare the Best Holiday Comparison Sites

Due to the recession and tourist’s importance on economical travelling has lead to a situation where the best fare comparison of travel and tourism is happening. Hence it is important to compare the best comparison sited resource in order to get the best deal in travelling so that you can save a lot of money that can be used wisely. There were lot of tougher days that we would struggle to get the information on economical air fares and hotel stays, but you need not worry, thanks to the websites that will provide with the comparison of best prices in travel and tourism. The website gives you in depth details about the air fares, hotel stay, service charges, food and drinks price menu and many such aspects of travelling.

The website gives you clear idea on the different rates for many of the factors such as the hotel stay prices of different classes of hotels, the bar and pub charges, the transport charges, the travel insurances, and the package tour prices so that I will be able to decide on my destination, budget, number of days I would stay, the type of car service I would go for, the type bars I would hang out in and many such factors. So my personal suggestion for those who want to plan their travel is that, take your time and visit the below website so that you are aware of all kinds of charges and options amongst the best when it comes to travelling.
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France :  Leisure in Aix-en-Provence 
Aix has a wide range of leisure activities. There are
lots of sports clubs, public swimming pools and
parks to play in, or museums, libraries and galleries
to visit. Many children are members
of scout groups and there are also several

youth clubs which organize parties, games and 
outing to places of interest near the city.

Everyone likes dining out in Aix. Many Cafes
are open from early morning to late night. In the summer,
 chairs and tables spill out on to the pavements, where people
meet to chat, drink coffee, read the newspapers or
just watch the world go by.
In the evenings there are ja/.z bars, nightclubs,
discos and a casino. There is always plenty of
entertainment at the city theatres and concert halls,
including a world-famous music festival in August.
At weekends, many people leave the city. The
surrounding hilly countryside is good for hiking,
horse-riding and mountain-hiking. In
winter, it only takes three hours by
car to reach Grenoble, the nearest major ski resort.
The Golden Temple is built on one of the world's most peaceful and beautiful
sites, in Amritsar, India. The temple sits on the middle of a sacred lake, fed by
an underground spring. It is a unique mix of Hindu and Muslim architectural
styles and is one of the holiest places for members of the Sikh religion.
There are approximately 19 million Sikhs in India. Their beliefs combine
aspects of Hinduism and Islam. About 500 years ago, the Sikhs became a
powerful force in the Punjab region of India, where millions continue to live
today. In 2004 Manmohan Singh became India's first Sikh prime minister.
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Teletext Holidays

Teletext Holidays for Cheap Deals


Many people knows Teletext Holidays from TV. In old days, when cheap internet travel companies not very popular, teletext was one of the favorite cheap deal finding tool for the Brits for years. Some people still looking on TV ads and making phone calls to tour operators to book affordable summer holidays. However, now you can search on and find deals directly, see my comparison of teletext holidays with and read more:

Some interesting places to go with Telexet Holidays :

Kapparis Beach- Cyprus : Leisure Waves Unlimited.

 A short stroll through the main street of Kapparis is highly rewarding for many reasons. This street was actually the main coastal road to Famagusta in olden days. Famagusta, once the flourishing place in Cyprus with its safe beaches and white sand, has gone to devastation after the Turkish invasion. Now it is a secluded locality with deserted beaches and empty hotels.

‘Protaras aquarium’ which is situated at the opposite end of the main street through Kapparis has a special treat for its visitors. A beautiful cove with a lovely church overlooking the sea is another treat which Kapparis offers to its tourists.

The buffer zone that divides the island into North Cyprus and South Cyprus is at a walk able distance from the main street of Kapparis. This zone has two admirable things- an information center and a zoo. The information center outlines the history of the division of Cyprus. The zoo has a tower from which one can see across the borders of Cyprus.

The fireman’s beach is also at a walk able distance from the main streets of Kapparis. The beach was named so because of its proximity to a training institute for fire service.

Kapparis, with its extolling scenic beauty, quiet beaches and friendly people is what you need if you are looking for a pleasing and lovely holidaying completely ignorant of the hustle-bustle of modern life.

Barcelona,Capital of Catalonia

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain and has a
population of 1.5 million. In the last ten years, the city's
economy, and much of its population, has enjoyed a boom

in prosperity. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, which,
like several other areas of Spain, has its own distinctive
culture and language.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Barcelona was
one of the first Spanish cities to become industrialized. It fell
into decline in the 1980s, but since 1990 the city has adapted
well to changes in the world economy. Originally a city
of heavy industry, and one of Spain's most important
Mediterranean ports, it has developed into a city of high-tech
industry and a major tourist destination.
Today, Barcelona is a thriving commercial centre. New,
more environmentally friendly factories have been built by
companies such as the SEAT car company, which is part of
Spain's largest export sector of cars and car parts. Spanish
exports to the rest of Europe have increased generally, and
Barcelona, situated only 100 km from the French border, is in

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Rainforests of the World

Over half of the world’s rainforests are

in South and Central America. The
remainder can be found in parts of
Africa, Asia and Australia. Almost all
rainforests lie between two imaginary
lines north and south of the equator,
called the ftopic of Cancer and the
fropic of Capricorn. This is why they
are often called tropical rainforests.
It has been hot and wet in the tropics
for millions of years. These constant
conditions have made it possible for
rainforests to develop into the most
diverse and complex environments
in the world. Some scientists
recognise over 40 different types of
rainforest, each with its own variety of
plant and animal life.

Rainforests once formed a wide,
green belt around the planet but today
pictures taken from space tell a
different story. All around the world
large areas of rainforest are vanishing
as people clear the way for crops,
homes and businesses. Many species
of wildlife are disappearing too.

► In the tropics, the only change in weather
conditions is from wet to wetter during the
rainy season. This means that rainforest trees do
not need to flower in spring or shed their leaves
in autumn. Each type of tree has its own growth
cycl^ The varying tree cycles guarantee a
regular supply of flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds
for rainforest creatures.

▼ The largest rainforest in the world stretches
across the Amazon Basin in South America. It
covers an area nearly as big as Australia. The
Amazon River snakes through the rainforest. It
is the largest river system in the world. During
the rainy season, parts of the rainforest are
flooded by the Amazon and fish swim among the
giant tree trunks.

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Lolly Holidays 2014

Cheap Lollipop Holiday Destinations 2014


About 50 million people visit Italy every year. Many come as tourists to enjoy the country's
various tourist sites and attractions:
• coastal resorts such as Rimini on the Adriatic

Historical towns and cities such as Pisa with its leaning tower.

• the capital city Rome where people can visit the Vatican City and ancient ruins such as
the Colosseum
• the Roman city o f Pompeii, which was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius
• rural landscapes in regions such as Tuscany 
• mountain peaks and lakes such as Lake Como, which attract tourists for both
summer and winter holidays.

The effects of tourism
Tourism helps create jobs and brings money to Italy. Jobs are especially important in rural
areas where there is often a high level of unemployment. However, most o f these jobs
are only seasonal. Seaside jobs, for example, are mainly from mid-July to the end o f August.
Tourism brings changes to the environment. Land is needed for buildings and for roads.
Better water supplies are needed and there are problems of pollutio n where new sewage
treatment works have not been built. Traffic congestion in popular tourist cities such as
Siena is a regular problem.


The Romans took possession of Malta in 218 bc.They renamed it ‘Melita’, which means ‘honey
island’, and built villas and public baths there. The capital city of the same name was built in
the middle of the island. During the period of Roman rule there was a shipwreck that proved
to be of great significance for the island. The apostle Paul, a Roman citizen, was a prisoner on
a ship sailing for Rome. The ship ran into a fierce storm and capsized. Paul was washed ashore on
the coast o f Malta. He stayed on the island for three months, during which time he set up Malta’s
first Christian community. This story is related in the Bible (Acts 27). The bay where St Paul was
cast ashore still carries his name. Visit :  and


Any visitor to the north const between Iraklio and Malia will be unable to ignore the changes 
that mass tourism has brought to Crete. But the island is trying to turn the tide, with ambitious plans for green tourism that will Introduce a much-needed balance between  the need for foreign currency and the ravages that low-budget tourism brings to the island's ecology and social life.

Topless sunbathing for women has become a commonplace feature of most western
European beaches, and Crete is no exception. There are many secluded spots for whole-hog
nudists; but visitors are well advised to behave with some
sensitivity as many older Cretans do not care for the trend. As a rule, toplessness is all right on
secluded tourist beaches, but should be avoided on public stretches of the town beach.

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Low Cost Holidays 2014

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Egypt doesn't have well-defined seasons. Between April and September it is very hot; usually above 35 °C during the day in Cairo and the Delta region, and rising to an average high of about 40 °C in Upper Egypt. October and November average between 25 and 30 °C. The winter period is cooler, with temperatures no higher than 18 or 20 °C in the daytime and down to 5 or 10 at night.

For thousands of years, monsoon rains in the mountains of Ethiopia caused the River Nile to flood and brought rich black silt into the desert. This made the Nile Valley the richest agricultural land in the world. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt took advantage of the regular floods and created a religious government with themselves as gods, who were said to control the rise and fall of the river. The pharaohs ruled for two thousand years, but the reliable harvest made Egypt the prize of occupying empires. During the third century bce, the pharaohs were overthrown by the Greeks, who in turn were toppled by the Romans. For the next two thousand years one occupying force followed another. Then, in 1952, a revolution re-established Egyptian rule over Egypt, and the country became a socialist democracy with an elected parliament and president.


The Maltese landscape is mostly low and flat, with a few hills and many cliffs along the coastline. There are no mountains, lakes or rivers on the island, and its general appearance is bare and rocky. The coastline is rocky too; there are a few sandy beaches but most of them are pebble or shingle. Malta’s predominant colour is ochre, a pale-brownish yellow - this is due to the limestone rocks that dominate the island. Many of the houses are built of this local limestone. Because the island has such a high population density there is very little vegetation. The towns and villages around the capital, Valletta, and the nearby city of  Sliema have spread so much that they have converged.

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lollypop holidays : Best Places to Go

Cheap Holidays and Best Places to Go

The heritage of ancient Greece: The history of Greece spans over 5,000 years. Ancient Greek culture and civilization, which flourished around the shores of the Mediterranean, reached its peak around 500 BC, producing some of the world's greatest artists, dramatists, politicians, philosophers, mathematicians, doctors and scientists. In the second century BC, Greece fell to the Romans. When, in AD 330, the Roman Empire was split in two, the eastern Greek-speaking part formed the Byzantine Empire. From the eleventh century, a succession of foreign peoples invaded Greece, and by the late 1500s it had been absorbed into the Ottoman Empire.
Greece Islands

The beginnings of Modem Greece: Greece was dominated by Ottoman Turkish rule for nearly 400 years. In 1821 the Greeks rose up against their Ttirkish rulers, winning their independence in 1830. However it was a much smaller country than it is today, for much of Greece did not gain independence until the late 1800s or during the Balkan Wars of 1912-13.
During World War 11 Greece was occupied by the Germans. Following its liberation in 1945, the country was plunged almost immediately into a civil war (1946-49) in which the government defeated the Communist Left, bringing Greece into line with the West. In 1952 Greece joined NATO.

France lies at the heart of Western Europe. It is the largest country in Europe, and one of the European Union's largest and most influential countries, playing an important part in world affairs. Its size and central position, bordered by eight different countries, makes it a country of many contrasts and surprises.
france alpines

Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit France for its beautiful and varied countryside. It is divided into twenty-two regions, including the island of Corsica off the Italian coast. Each region has its own distinctive character and traditions and some even have their own special languages and dialects, such as Breton in Brittany, although French is the official language. France's full name is r La Republique Frangaise (The Republic of France), meaning that the entire country V is governed by a president, chosen by the French people every seven years. France first became a republic after a peasant uprising in 1789, which started with the capture of the Bastille prison in Paris on 14 July. Today Bastille Day, on 14 July, is a national holiday, with parties, processions and fireworks, and the streets are decorated with the national flag.

In the fifteenth-century tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, which included Aladdin and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Cairo was called 'the Mother of the World'. It was given this name because it was thought to be the oldest and largest city on earth. Even then, the city was already more than 4,500 years old, Today, Cairo is still the largest city in Africa and the Middle East.


Tourism in Brazil has quadrupled from 1.1 million visitors in 1990 to 4 million in 2000. More visitors are beginning to come from Europe, North America and Asia. Tourism is growing fast and this growth is expected to continue well into the twenty-first century. It is one of the country's major employers and provided work for 5.8 million people in 1998.

Italy contains a wonderful variety of architecture. In Roman times, town planning was very sophisticated. The Romans invented concrete and were the first to use the arched vault. They continued the Greek tradition of mosaics by pressing tiny bits of stone into wet plaster. The Romans used uniform shapes and matching numbers of arches and columns. They had a great influence on Italian artists of the Renaissance. Today lots of monuments are crumbling, but most of the old city centres are preserved as they were many years ago.
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Cyprus: Best Resorts for Holiday

Find the Best Resorts in Cyprus

Cyprus’s Eastern Mediterranean Island is considered to be a joy for tourists - with various attractions and favourite including sun soaked beaches that are hard to stay away from! The island is a dwelling place to few of the most magnificent resorts and beaches a tourist will ever experience

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Holiday Paradise : Cyprus

, an Island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean is one of the excellent tourist destinations. Cities like Paphos, Limassol and Pissouri have a lot in store for almost everyone. These cities are a home to some of the fabulous resorts in Cyprus. When I was in Cyprus on a vacation with my family, I truly enjoyed the entire stay. The resorts here offer best quality service at an unimaginable price. No doubt, if you are new to the country, you are sure to find it a bit difficult to locate the right resort. Take it easy, as there is no need to panic.

Amazing Kyrenia - Cyprus 

Cyprus has a number of travel agencies that apart from arranging a travel package for you also look after your lodging needs. They can assist you in finding the best resorts in Cyprus without letting you make any rigorous research. However, before you opt for an agency, make sure you find about their background and history, as some agencies make lot of promises, but hardly bother to keep any of those. Another great way to locate a good resort in the country is by surfing the Internet. Various sites on the Internet consist of information about some of the top resorts in Cyprus. Compare the services that they offer and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Let me tell you that all of these resorts in Cyprus are highly affordable and are capable of making your vacation a memorable one. So, do not waste anymore time. Just pack your bags, get to Cyprus and check into one of the best resorts in the nation.
Cyprus Beaches

Cyprus Resorts and Beaches

There are many resorts in and around Cyprus which gives the required leisure for hundreds of tourists.  Some of the famous resorts of Cyprus are as follows:-
· Ayia Napa – famous for being the biggest resort in Cyprus. This resort is the best resorts in Cyprus for experiencing nightlife. The yellow sands and the clear waters offer self-indulgent pleasures by just relaxing on the beaches and also provides with exciting water sports. The main beaches in Ayia Napa are Nissi Beach, Makronissos Beach, and include Katsarka, Kermia, Ammos tou Kambouri, Ayia Thekla and Vathia Gonia. Conventionally Ayia Napa has been the place best suited for parties, but it is now renowned as a family tourist spot.
· Protaras - This is a well-known leisure resort located in the south east of Cyprus. Every resorts located in the Protaras area have quality amenities and feature a lot of hotels and restaurants. Most admired beaches here comprise Sirena Bay, Fig Tree Bay, Konnon Bay as well as the beaches in Paralimni area.
· Paphos - Situated on the western coastline of Cyprus. Paphos comprises some of the most stunning beaches in Cyprus, and maybe the most renowned beach which is Petra tou Romiou, the hometown of Aphrodite, positioned 25km east of Cyprus. This is an admired destination where people are married. Pharos Lighthouse Beach, Agios Georgos Beach, Latsi Beach and Fishing Village as well as the Coral Beach are some of the beaches to take pleasure in sun-drenched holiday. Aphrodite Water Park is an awesome place to be in for families.
· Warnaco - The Larnaca International Airport, which is the main Cypriot airport, is situated here - and a lot of the beaches in Larnaca are just right for families. Finikoudes Beach is also known as a great family hot spot because of rhe shallow waters. McKenzie and Kiti beaches are the additional places to visit here. Voroklini Resort is another place to visit which is outside Larnaca.
· Limassol - The tourism harbor extends above 15km so it is a guaranteed excellent beach! Ladies Mile Beach, a renowned family resort is just 4km west of Limassol. A number of the other blue flag beaches are Santa Barbara, Pissouri, Kourium Beach as well as Cape Aspro (close to Aphrodite's Rock). Fasouri Watermania is ideal for a family outing. The nearby position of Lemesos has a number of magnificent beaches also, as well as Governor's Beach which provides grand watersports opportunities.
· The Akamas Peninsula - A UNESCO sheltered region, this is traditionally known as Aphrodite's Territory. The region is a dwelling place to a number of breathtaking plant variety, mammals, reptiles and birdlife. The major resort here

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Turkey Holidays: Boat Trips and Attractions

THINGS TO SEE & DO IN TURKEY : Boat Trip to Kekova

Kekova Island

Kekova Island lies only a few hundred metres offshore and only became
an island when the level of the Mediterranean rose in the early part of
the first millennium. As the water flooded in, it swallowed the ancient
city that thrived here.The boat sails in to view what remains of Batikkent
(the 'sunken city'), but archaeologists haven’t yet identified which city it
actually was. More Turkey Holidays:

The island is protected as an ancient site so no one is allowed to set foot
on it, but your boat will get in close to shore and you can get good views of
the remains of numerous stone buildings clinging to the hillside, and the
ancient harbour just below the waterline. Under the water are the remains
of yet more buildings, and the sea bed is dotted with ancient pottery
amphorae lying where they fell many hundreds of years ago. Some other best beaches in Turkey :

The necropolis of Teimiussa
On the inland shoreline are the remains of ancient Teimiussa, half submerged
in water and half-choked by the fertile mud that now helps
make this part of Turkey the capital of fruit and vegetable production.
Look out particularly for several excellent Lycian tombs rising out of the
water, supported on their stone pillars

After your explorations,you will be allowed time for swimming and
snorkelling. Watch out for the spiny sea urchins that breed in the
shallows here. If you step on them, the spines break off in your foot
and can become infected. If you are after other best destinations in Turkey visit: Best turkey Resorts
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Lollipop Holidays to Japan

Japan is one of the far longhaul destination for the Brits. Japan holidays are not cheap, so it is curitial to find good discount for your travel costs from a tour operator. Lollipop holidays site mostly covers on the beach holidays but there is a Japan travel page as well.

Weather and Climate for your Holiday Plans:

Cold winters, wet summer: If you spent the winter In Japan, you'd probably prefer to stay on the eastern side of the country. The winters here tend to be clear, dry and mild. Winters on the western side of the country are much more fierce. The people who live here have to wrap up warm to protect themselves against bitterly cold winds blowing In from Russia and heavy snows. Japan 's summers can be very wet, with many rainy days. In late summer, Japan Is often hit by revolving tropical storms known as typhoons. Typhoon winds can blow a t up to 200km per hour (that's over one and half times quicker than cars can travel on the motorwayl) and can cause a lot of damage to buildings.

Yokohama, where some of native Japanese people live, is a port on the east coast of Honshu. In June, it rains almost every day.You have to wear plastic shoes and a raincoat to keep dry when you go out. When it has been raining a lot, the streets are filled with puddles, which are fun to splash around in. Sometimes the winds are very strong.Then it can be difficult to walk and you have to stay indoors. When you look out of the window, you can see people's umbrellas being blown inside out by the wind. visit :

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Lollypop Holidays : Cheap Holidays to Spain

If you are looking for cheap holidays to Spain, I can guide you to some good websites with great travel advice and resources. Spain has been one of the most visited holiday destination for British people since
very early history of travel and tourism. Visit :
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Spain is in south-western Europe.
Spain is the second
largest country
(after France) in
western Europe.
Madrid is the capital city
of Spain. It has grand
squares, avenues,
buildings and parks, and
a world-famous art
gallery called the Prado.

Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe. Spain has borders with four other European countries and a coastline along the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, off the coast of West Africa, are part of Spain.

The landscape Spain has a very varied landscape. There are huge areas of flat farmland. In the middle of the country is a high plateau called the Meseta. In the hot dry south there is even an area of semi-desert.Spain also has high mountain ranges including the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian mountains in the north, and the Sierra Nevada in the south.
References :

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Brazil Holidays

Brazil well known for their carnivals, is a one of the best travel and holiday destination in South America.

A bit History..
Early in the twentieth century, there was a growing demand for rubber across the world. Brazil had plentiful supplies of rubber in its Amazon rainforest. Many landowners made vast sums of money out of rubber.

But tens of thousands of people who came to the rainforest in search of work died from starvation and disease. Brazil relied he avily upon imported goods until World War II (1939-45). Supplies from abroad were stopped during the war. New industries had to be developed. Money was put into building new roads and factories. Foreign companies were encouraged to open factories to make cars and other products. The economy began to grow rapidly. But not all Brazilians have benefited from the money that is being generated by new industries. There is still a huge divide between rich and poor throughout the country. The whole city of Brasilia was built in 1950 as part of the plan to develop the economy.

Curitiba is now the capital of the state of Parana and has a population of over 1.5 million. It is one of Brazil's busiest and fastest-growing cities. Living standards are high in Curitiba. It is a clean city with good health and education services. There is an efficient public transport system. The crime-rate is low compared to many places in Brazil. The city has plenty of parks, gardens and pedestrian-only streets. Its historic buildings have been well looked after. These benefits are the result of good planning by local government. Some of the major car manufacturers have decided to open factories in Curitiba because the city is so well managed. They include Volvo, Renault and Chrysler. Useful Info : visit lollipop Travel Website and mexico holidays page. Also read: facts, info and brazil holidays.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Tenerife and Spain Holidays

Introducing Spain 
Spain is situated on the Iberian Peninsula, at the far
western end of Europe. In the last 50 years, Spain

has changed from being one of the most isolated
countries in the Western world to having global
connections. It is now an important and influential
country as part of the European Union, and Spanish
is the third most common language in the world,
after Chinese Mandarin and English.
gj Spain has three international borders, a short border with
Gibraltar, a British territory, and includes the Canary Islands.

The heart of Spain

Spain is divided into several
regions, each with different
landscapes and peoples. Ca-stile,
in the middle of the country,
is centred around the capital,
Madrid, and has a harsh
landscape of broad plains and
rugged mountains. The name
Castile means 'Land of Castles',
and there are many forts on the
hilltops of Castile. The people
who live there - Castilians - have
been the dominant force in Spain
since the fifteenth century. They
sponsored the first voyages of
discovery to the Americas and
established colonies there,
making Spain the world's first

major colonial power.

When it was built during the eighth
century, the mosque at Cordoba was
the second largest in the world, and it
was one of the most important places
in the Islamic Empire. The Moorish
influence can be seen in its architecture.
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 The inside of the mosque at
Cordoba has more than 1,000
pillars supporting arches designed
in the Moorish style. It became
a Roman Catholic cathedral
in 1236 CE.
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Lollipop Holidays in France

France is separated from Spain by
the Pyrenees mountains in the
south. The Alps, in the south-east,
separate France from Italy and

Most people in France live in the low,
flattish land in the north and south-west
of the country. Flat land is better
for farming. It is also easier to build
roads and buildings on flat land. There
are some low hills and valleys made by
rivers there, too.

Canals link many rivers. Rivers and
canals are used to move things
from place to place and for holiday boats.

Different parts of France have very
different weather. The south has hot,
dry summers and cool, wet winters.
The north and west are cooler all
year round.
It can be very cold in the east of France
in winter. When the wind blows from
the east, it brings cold air from the
frozen parts of Russia. The mountains
are coldest of all, with heavy snow in
winter. Summer in the south of France.
People work, shop and play games like
boules (in the picture) in the cooler mornings
or evenings.

There are not many places in France
where the land has not been cleared
for homes or farming. Even much of
the scrubland in the south has been
The mountains and the wet
marshlands still have their natural
plants, although some areas of
marshland have been drained to use
for farming.
There are not many wild animals left
in France. There are some wolves
and wild boar in the mountains.
The south of France has bad weather, too. It has storms in
summer and a strong wind called the Mistral can blow at up to
100 kilometres per hour. The Carmargue marshland in
the south of France. Many animals and birds live wild
here - there are not many people.

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Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean is one of the most known exotic holiday destination. People from all over the world travel to
Caribbean Islands for luxury Holidays.
As a result of the area's stormy history of invasion and slavery the Caribbean is populated by people from many different ethnic backgrounds. Few of the Caribbean's original inhabitants remain. The many different languages spoken reflect the wide range of places from which Caribbean peopled ancestors came. Most of the 36 million people who live in the Caribbean today are descended from those brought from West Africa in the 16th and 17th centuries to work as slaves on sugar plantations. The native Caribbean people were almost completely wiped out by European invaders.

The Caribbean is named after
the Carib Indians. They lived in
the lesser Antilles when the
first Spanish explorers arrived
in the 15th century The warlike
Caribs had driven out the
island's original inhabitants, the
Arawak Indians. People from many different ethnic
backgrounds mingle at a street market
on Curasao, in the lesser Antilles, The
first inhabitants of the Caribbean were
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Mexico Holidays

Metropolises and the Mayans :  Mexico is between two continents offering beautiful beaches, anrique history and natural beauty. Travellers mostly enjoy the stunning coastline.

mexico beachCaribbean Coast and Pacific Coast: East of Mexico is on the the Caribbean Sea. Beautiful 16 miles of white sand there. Cancun is the main attraction area. West coast mostly with mountains also attracts many tourists.
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About Mexico: This Page
Since ancient times, people have gathered together in communities

where they could share and trade resources and strive to build a
safe and happy environment. Gradually, as populations grew and
societies became more complex, communities expanded to become
nations - groups of people who felt sufficiently bound by a common
heritage to work together for a shared future.

Land has usually played an important role in defining a nation.
People have a natural affection for the landscape in which they grew
up. They are proud of its natural beauties - the mountains, rivers and
forests - and of the towns and cities that flourish there. People are
proud, too, of their nation’s history - the shared struggles and achievements
that have shaped the way they live today.

Religion, culture, race and lifestyle, too, have sometimes played a
role in fostering a nation’s identity. Often, though, a nation includes
people of different races, beliefs and customs. Many have come from
distant countries, and some want to preserve their traditional lifestyles.
Nations have rarely been fixed, unchanging things, either territorially
or racially. Throughout history, borders have changed, often
under the pressure of war, and people have migrated across the globe
in search of a new life or of new land, or because they are fleeing
from oppression or disaster. The world’s nations are still changing
today: some nations are breaking up and new nations are forming.
The modern nation of Mexico is the result of a meeting between
two great civilizations: that of the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica
and that of the Spanish empire that conquered the country in the
16th century. At first, the collision of these two civilizations was
wholly disastrous. The Spanish killed and enslaved the native peoples
and set out to destroy their cities, their art and their way of life. Over
the years, however, the peoples have intermingled and learnt to live
together. Today, Mexico’s largely mixed-'blood population can look
back on almost two centuries of history as an independent nation.