Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lollipop Holidays to Italy : Simply Beautiful Country

Italy is divided into 20 regions and 95 provinces.
A lot of the land is hilly and some of the
italy holidays
mountains are volcanic. The Alps stretch along
the north and on the east they become known as
the Dolomites. The Apennines run down the
middle of the country and are known as the
"backbone" of Italy.
Italy's regions are divided into provinces and
municipalities called comuni. Each of these has
an elected council. The regions must abide by
the laws of the national government but they are
allowed to make local laws.
San Marino is a tiny independent
republic in its own right and has its
own flag. It is one of the oldest
states in Europe.

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The Vatican City is also a separate state
occupying only 0.44 square kilometres. It has its
own flag, currency and stamps and there are some
areas that can only be entered with special
permission. The Pope lives in the Vatican City.

Italian is the official language. It is based on
the Florentine dialect (from Florence). German and
French are also spoken around the Italian borders,
Each region has its own dialect, but there are many
more variations. These have been influenced by French,
German, Greek, Spanish, Arabic and Celtic words.
Sicilian is spoken in Sicily and Sardinians have their
own dialect called "Sardo".