Monday, 25 March 2019

Travel Australia : Climate and Weather information.

When you planning to book your holiday to Australia, you should consider the wild weather conditions in this continent.
From November to March, hot monsoon winds from the north
bring heavy downpours of rain. Each year, northern Australia
has at least 100 mm (40 inches) of rain. During the summer,
violent tropical storms, known as typhoons, sometimes strike
the coast, causing terrible damage. During the rainy season, northeast
Australia is lashed by sudden downpours of
heavy rain.

Cooler places
The south and southeast coast has hot, sunny summers
and mild, cool winters. In most parts of this region, winter temperatures never reach freezing point, but the Snowy Mountains are covered with snow each winter. The island of Tasmania to the south has a cooler

climate than mainland Australia, with rain all year round. Further south, New Zealand has a much colder and wetter climate. Holiday deals to Australia.

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