Saturday, 14 May 2016

Holidays for 2016 : Visit Rome this Summer


It is the capital of Italy and also of the Latium region of Italy. The historic centers present in Rome is maintained and protected by UNESCO. Rome comprises of many districts that is beyond the scope of the article. According to ancient mythology, Romulus and Remus founded Rome. The place used to act as the main centre for administrative purposes back in the olden days and that’s one of the reasons it was chosen as the capital city of modern Italy. The population of the city is at 3.3 million. The city is usually crowded any part of the day/week/year.

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Since this is the capital city, getting access to the city is easy. Two Airports that caters to international flights are situated in here. They are the Leonardo Da Vinci International airport and the Ciampino International airport. The latter is where the low cost domestic airlines also dock. The city also boasts of a Railway station named Termini Station. It is generally unsafe to spend the time in this station especially during the wee hours of the night. In order to curb unsavory events, it is closed from 00.00 hours to 04.00 hours everyday. Transportation by car is not much preferred. Ferry services also ply.

The best way of getting about the city is to utilize the public transportation systems. Metro services ply through out the city and it’s cheaper to opt for such services. One of the most expensive methods to make rounds of the city is in a Taxi. Buses is also preferred, but are disliked by many due to the sheer nature of the crowd within them. Walking is the best and the most preferred way to see the city. Mopeds are the only inhibiting factors while taking a walk. Make sure you do not get hit by any one in Rome. Drivers are also chaotic in nature and hardly slow down or stop for someone crossing the street.

Some of the must see sights in Rome are included below. First and foremost is the Colosseum. The next on the list is the Pantheon. Roman Forum, Tabularium, Circus Maximus, Palatine Hill, Fori Imperiali and the catacombs are some places that should not be missed at any cost. Some of the well-known museums include The Capitoline Museum, Palazzo Museum, Galleria Borghese, Villa Guilia Museum and the Vatican Museums. Churches which are dotted through out the city should not be missed either.