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Cheap Holidays 2018 - Unique Destination Ideas


Some Travel Inpiration for this spring / summer 2018 holidays:


The Dead Sea, between Jordan and Israel and the Palestinian Territories, is a very salty lake in the bottom of the Jordan valley. At 400 metres (1,312 feet) below sea level, it is the lowest point on Earth. The salts of the Dead Sea are used by the chemical and cosmetics industries. They are collected by allowing water from the sea to evaporate, leaving the salts behind. This, combined with a reduction of water entering the Dead Sea, is causing the shoreline to retreat by up to 1 metre (3 feet) every year.
On the eastern shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan, the shoreline has ^ retreated leaving behind heavy deposits of salt.

Seas and oceans Around: 

The coastline of the region stretches from the Atlantic Ocean off Morocco through the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf, to the Arabian Sea off Oman. Only Afghanistan lacks any coastline. Coasts have long been important for trade and fishing, and for this reason are quite heavily populated. The region's coasts also attract tourists, as in Tunisia and the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. Sinai has the added advantage of some of the world's best coral reefs, close to shore in the Red Sea. These attract divers from across the world.
The region also has three inland seas - the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea. The Black Sea, to the north of Turkey, is connected to the Mediterranean by the Bosporus Strait. The Caspian Sea is an inland salty lake to the north of Iran. It is the world's largest lake, covering 370,992 square kilometres (143,240 square miles), and has large reserves
of oil and gas beneath its waters.
Visit : Dead Sea Page.
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It has been said that if you do not have time to visit the world you should visit Madeira. Imagine what it would be like to have a bit of all the best parts of the world in one place, add in some European culture and you have the Madeiran archipelago. However, Madeira is more than the sum of its parts; it has an identity that is also unique.
The islands of the Madeiran archipelago are a fascinating blend of contrasting and unlikely ingredients, places that I remind you of other far-flung i destinations, while remaining uniquely themselves. H N Coleridge wrote in 1825 that Madeira... ‘ensures almost every European comfort together with almost every tropical luxury’. The steep terraced hillsides with their burgeoning banana crops may put you in mind of Bali or the Philippines; English roses and perennials grow in profusion alongside Asian orchids and Indian tulip trees; the island’s fragrant eucalyptus woods recall Australia, while the gorse- covered moorlands of the central plateau could be in the Scottish Highlands. The architecture of Madeira’s capital evokes yet another place and time - the elegant balconies and shaded patios of Funchal seem straight out of the half- real, half-imaginary world of an Isabel Allende or Gabriel Garcia MArquez novel, while its streets depict paving patterns with I more modem aesthetic.

On top of all this, Madeira encompasses spectacular ravines and waterfalls, ever- changing skies and seas, and mountain tops where you can enjoy a rare sense of stillness and peace as you admire the magnificent panoramas. Bustling Funchal is also part of Madeira’s rich texture and it is a pleasure to return to the capital at the end of a long day’s tour, knowing that you can look forward to all the modem comforts of a luxurious hotel and the prospect of an excellent dinner - with or without a glass or two of Madeira, the island’s fortified wine. Nature’s profusion is all the more enjoyable when accompanied by such civilised comforts, and that is why Madeira is such a delightful and ' satisfying holiday destination. Walking the island’s levadas and visiting its gardens, observing its wealth of folk traditions and customs and meeting its hospitable and easy-going people, will provide a complete change
of scene.

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Lollipop Holidays in France

France is separated from Spain by
the Pyrenees mountains in the
south. The Alps, in the south-east,
separate France from Italy and

Most people in France live in the low,
flattish land in the north and south-west
of the country. Flat land is better
for farming. It is also easier to build
roads and buildings on flat land. There
are some low hills and valleys made by
rivers there, too.

Canals link many rivers. Rivers and
canals are used to move things
from place to place and for holiday boats.

Different parts of France have very
different weather. The south has hot,
dry summers and cool, wet winters.
The north and west are cooler all
year round.
It can be very cold in the east of France
in winter. When the wind blows from
the east, it brings cold air from the
frozen parts of Russia. The mountains
are coldest of all, with heavy snow in
winter. Summer in the south of France.
People work, shop and play games like
boules (in the picture) in the cooler mornings
or evenings.

There are not many places in France
where the land has not been cleared
for homes or farming. Even much of
the scrubland in the south has been
The mountains and the wet
marshlands still have their natural
plants, although some areas of
marshland have been drained to use
for farming.
There are not many wild animals left
in France. There are some wolves
and wild boar in the mountains.
The south of France has bad weather, too. It has storms in
summer and a strong wind called the Mistral can blow at up to
100 kilometres per hour. The Carmargue marshland in
the south of France. Many animals and birds live wild
here - there are not many people.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur: All locations
Provence lavender fields lulled sun, history and culture are among the most popular areas of France. Rent a cottage in the heart of picturesque countryside or a splendid villa on the coast. Do not hesitate. Rather than feel cramped in your hotel room, take your family to relax in a beautiful holiday rental. Leave behind the bustle of big cities and adopt the comfort of a rental accommodation for you and your family.

What to do on the Riviera?

Treat yourself to a holiday in the Mediterranean . You will discover sumptuous shades of blue. Dive into the clear waters of Cap Esterel, the Creeks and the Bay of Pampelonne. Get on your bike and follow the 57 km of cycle paths available to you. Hike in the Provençal Colorado in the Mercantour National Park or the Luberon, close to Port Royal. Take a canoe trip in the Verdon Gorge. For family holidays , make your children discover the Provencal markets and local produce.


Cities not to be missed on the Riviera

 Enjoy your holiday in the Mediterranean to discover the charming towns of Saint-Tropez , Frejus and Cannes before venturing into the streets of Ramatuelle and Hyères. Walk in the footsteps of Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence and take some shots on the bridge of Avignon . Do not miss to discover the villages of the hinterland: Bormes-les-Mimosas and its 700 species of flowers, Saint Paul de Vence and the Matisse and Gourdon and Eze chapel. Sneak away toward the world's perfume capital Grasse.

Finish with the beautiful islands of Porquerolles and its sandy beaches. 

While preparing his holiday on the French Riviera If you are looking where to go in June or September to avoid the hordes of tourists for beach holiday : set sail on the French Riviera and its 300 days of annual sunshine. Idleness, sport, picturesque villages, bustling cities, dreams of coastline: the Mediterranean has it all. Pierre & Vacances offer of apartment rentals on the French Riviera at the water's edge or in the hinterland. And above all ... do not forget your bowling balls: the sport of choice in the region.

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Cheap Holidays 2018 - Book Before Christmas to Save

When it comes to early holiday bookings for summer 2018, most people does it in January but there are huge advantages if you spare some Christmas shopping money for your next holiday. Early booking discounts are much better before new year.

Here are some ideas for your inspiration from earlier posts:


 More than two-thirds o f Indian people live in the thousands of villages dotted all over India. Most people work on the land. They do not own large farms; many own or rent small pieces of land. Here they grow food for their families, with perhaps a bit extra to sell at market. It is a hard life. People live in simple houses, sometimes built around open-air courtyards. Each village also has a well and a temple or mosque.
Some people leave their villages and travel to the big cities in search of work. Some get jobs as household servants, hotel workers or rickshaw drivers. But many return em ptyhanded. Indian cities are very overcrowded. Many people live in slum s on the outskirts of the city. Some cannot even afford to do this. They sleep on the pavement. There are also gangs of beggars, trying to scrape together enough money' to live on. Wealthy people usually live in large blocks of flats. They have servants to cook, clean and keep house for them .

If you lived in India, you'd probably have not only your parents, but your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins living with you. When an Indian girl gets married, she leaves her family and goes to live with her husband's family. Indian weddings are very grand affairs, lasting for several days. The bride wears a special, embroidered sari with beautiful jewellery and elaborate make-up.


Benidorm Nightlife
Benidrom is famous with its night life, festivals and beautiful weather all year around. Join the followers of The Benidorm Travel Guide on Facebook and visit the blog for festival dates in 2018
 More about benidorm: visit this.
Benidorm on Instagram.


Many stories have been told about the discovery and colonization of Madeira, and many myths persist to this day. One is that Madeira is the last vestige of the drowned continent of Atlantis; another is that the lost treasure of the notorious pirate Captain Kidd is buried on one of the llhas Selvagens. The truth is more prosaic. It is known for a fact that the Madeiran islands were familiar to navigators long before Porto Santo and Madeira were officially 'discovered' by Joao Gongalves Zarco in 1418 and 1420. Pliny, the 1 st-century ad Roman writer, called them the 'Purple Islands' because of the distinctive colour of Madeira's volcanic rocks and soil. The Medici map of 1351, drawn by Genoese cartographers, was the first to depict Madeira and give it a name I Isola delle Lolegname (Island of Wood). The same name - llha da Madeira in Portuguese i was used by Zarco when he landed in 1420, laying daim to the island on behalf of Portugal.

The story of Robert Machin Facts, though, are rarely as romantic as the tales embroidered by sailors with time on their hands as they sailed the Atlantic carrying cargoes of Madeiran sugar, grain and wine. About 100 years after Zarco's discovery, chronicler Valentine Fernandes published a different account, which he no doubt heard in some harbourside bar. This concerns a Bristol merchant, Robert Machin, who was blown out into the Atlantic by a storm while sailing to Portugal. Ending up within sight of Madeira, Machin went ashore to investigate.

 His mutinous crew decided to abandon Machin, but they got caught up in another storm which drove them on to the Moroccan coast where they were taken prisoner, destined to serve as galley slaves. Determined to return to civilisation, Machin built himself a raft. He, too, fell prey to Moroccan pirates and ended up in the same prison as his former crew. 

Machin then furiously attacked one of his fellow sailors, meaning to kill him in revenge. Astonished by the ferocity of the fight, Machin's gaolers forced him to explain his actions and it was not long before the whole story of the mysterious island at the edge of the known world began to circulate. It was only a matter of time before Henry the Navigator heard the story and sent Zarco out to investigate. Even more romantic versions of Machin's story circulated in the 17th century in which he is portrayed as an English aristocrat eloping with his sweetheart, Anna d'Arfet (or Anne of Hertford). Shipwrecked on Madeira, she dies of exposure and he of a broken heart. Zarco is said to have found their graves when he stepped ashore in 1420, inspiring him to name the spot Machico. Another Madeiran legend has it that Zarco set fire to Madeira - this being the fastest way to clear the island's dense woodland - and that the forests blazed for seven years. In fact, clearance was probably much more selective: the island's timber was a valuable resource, used for building houses, ships and the crates to hold sugar and other crops.

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Holidays for 2018 - Destinations and Deals for Brits


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Travel Photo from Japan

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Where to visit with Travel Comparison sites?

Japan is a beautiful country. You may be interested in learning about Japan because you want to visit, or perhaps you are simply curious about the country and its people. In this book you will learn about the exciting history of Japan and look at pictures of places you may not have seen or heard about before. You will read about Japan’s amazing sights and learn many interesting facts about this fascinating country.

Japan s history is full of stories of princes, emperors, shoguns and democratic leaders. Read on to learn how Japan became the great nation it is today

Radiating out westwards from Denmark’s largest shipping port, Aarhus is in the Jutland region. The city has youth - it's the country's youngest city - and good looks. It also has ambition: planners are transforming the harbour area and extending it northwards, in order to make room for new residents as well as to cater for the increasing numbers of tourists. A period of rapid, ambitious growth is under way and it includes such exciting ventures as the 20-year plan to create a Sports Ramblas - a boulevard exclusively dedicated to sporting activities. 

Other cities may be better known, but mere familiarity is in itself no recommendation; Aarhus has no laurels on which to rest, no tired old cliches to call upon and no received image to live up to. Few can match the city for beauty, friendliness and fun. Word’s getting around, and pretty soon everyone will want a piece of the action. No wonder Aarhus has a smile on its face.

Cyprus has good if not very extensive beaches around Protaras, Agia Napa, Larnaka, Lemesos and Pafos, and at points in between.There are also long and uncrowded beaches in the rugged Akamas Peninsula, and some very quiet ones along the north coast east of Polis. Most of the popular beaches have a range of services that may include lounger and umbrella hire, beach cafes and restaurants, pedalos, and watersports facilities. Remember to take safety seriously on the beach and in the sea, especially with young children - calm as the seas around Cyprus look, they are subject to very strong currents. And be careful not to overdo the sunbathing, particularly at the beginning of your holiday, and once again particularly with children.


holiday to benidorm


Benidorm is not just a beach holiday location in Spain, it filled with entertainment, natural beauty and a happy place to visit.
Exotic animals at Mundomar, one of Europe’s great water parks – Aqualandia, Peacock Island, the beaches of Poniente and Levante, the island of Tabarca, amusement galore at the Terra Mitica amusement park, and the famed nightlife of this town, you will always have more than enough reasons to check out flights to Benidorm. People who visit Benidorm once invariably come back because a Benidorm all inclusive holiday is an opportunity to catch some sun, enjoy great food, party, and basically chill so that your batteries are recharged for the days to come.


Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Thousands of tourists visit this tropical paradise every year. Costa Rica is located in Central America, and forms a bridge between North and South America. Costa Rica, which covers 51,100 square kilometres (19,730 square miles), is more than twice the size of Wales.
Peaceful people
Most of Costa Rica's 4.5 million people live in the Central Valley where San Jose, the capital and largest city, is located. The people, who call themselves ticos, are proud that Costa Rica is a peaceful nation. Costa Rica is one of only 18 countries in the world that has no standing armies (permanent military force).
Beaches and volcanoes
Costa Rica has over 1,290 kilometres (800 miles) of coastline. Rugged mountain ranges, which include over 100 volcanoes, separate the coastal areas. Rainforests and cloud forests attract tourists to Costa Rica. Today, tourism is Costa Rica's largest industry. Tourists enjoy surfing in coastal waters, rafting on rivers, and hiking through rainforests.