Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Turkey Holidays: Boat Trips and Attractions

THINGS TO SEE & DO IN TURKEY : Boat Trip to Kekova

Kekova Island

Kekova Island lies only a few hundred metres offshore and only became
an island when the level of the Mediterranean rose in the early part of
the first millennium. As the water flooded in, it swallowed the ancient
city that thrived here.The boat sails in to view what remains of Batikkent
(the 'sunken city'), but archaeologists haven’t yet identified which city it
actually was. More Turkey Holidays:

The island is protected as an ancient site so no one is allowed to set foot
on it, but your boat will get in close to shore and you can get good views of
the remains of numerous stone buildings clinging to the hillside, and the
ancient harbour just below the waterline. Under the water are the remains
of yet more buildings, and the sea bed is dotted with ancient pottery
amphorae lying where they fell many hundreds of years ago. Some other best beaches in Turkey :

The necropolis of Teimiussa
On the inland shoreline are the remains of ancient Teimiussa, half submerged
in water and half-choked by the fertile mud that now helps
make this part of Turkey the capital of fruit and vegetable production.
Look out particularly for several excellent Lycian tombs rising out of the
water, supported on their stone pillars

After your explorations,you will be allowed time for swimming and
snorkelling. Watch out for the spiny sea urchins that breed in the
shallows here. If you step on them, the spines break off in your foot
and can become infected. If you are after other best destinations in Turkey visit: Best turkey Resorts
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