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Spain is the favorite hot summer holiday destination for Brits and other Europeans. 

Spain Weather and seasons: On the Meseta, it can be very hot and dry in summer, and freezing cold in winter. Around the Mediterranean Sea, in the south and on the Balearic Islands, there is a Mediterranean climate - hot sunny summers and mild winters. Did you know? Parts of Spain have sunshine for 300 of the 365 days in a year! The hot sunny summers and mild winters of Spain’sCosta del Sol make it popular with tourists all year round.

Snow sports like skiing are popular in the Sierra Nevada. Northern Spain and the mountain areas have more rain and a cooler climate. In winter, there is heavy snow in the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada.  Sierra Nevada means snowy mountains in Spanish.
Spanish people: The Spanish people are proud of their culture. They have practiced some traditions, like bull-fighting and Flamenco song and dance, for hundreds of years. There are many different religions in Spain. Most Spanish people are Roman Catholic, but there are also Protestants, Muslims and Jews. A Roman Catholic woman lights a candle in the cathedral in Barcelona. The caves at Altamira in northern Spain have paintings inside them that were painted over 14,000 years ago. 
Spanish people shopping at a market In Mallorca for fresh local foods. Spain is divided into different regions, which each have their own traditions, folk costume and styles of cooking. Some regions, such as Catalonia and the Basque region, have their own flags and languages, too.


The Salobrena town of is enthrone in the Spanish region of Andalucia is a simple one. Much different from other tourist destinations in Spain, this town does not have the good will of the neighboring countries. However, it has proved to be the finest holiday spot in Spain. Salobrena will not be able to propose flashiness and glamour. Moreover, Salobrena easily caters a calm and tranquilizing holiday. Perfect beaches and prosperity of leisure activities is much more than enough. Salobrena is the only place where one can feel traditional Spain in all its sense. The drive along the N340 coastal road is superb and even comfortable than a flight travel. Travelers determine for other mission find themselves forced to take a deviation to the stupendous Salobrena.

Tourists who are stimulated once with the impressing whitewashed town will always cherish the picture in their mind. They will not be able to leave that place either. Towns are hanging on to the rocky outcrop are realistic in all terms. Moreover, added beauty is poured by the divine medieval castle. Streets that endow the town are also made natural and the site brings ease to the minds of the viewers having a flashback of some classic films. If a person tries to explore the mountains, he will definitely be able to perceive the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Both the mountains and the sugar plantations burgeon around the town. Salobrena is increasingly becoming the most liked holiday spot. This is mainly because of its natural and traditional beauty. The treasures of Andalucia are being innovated with the beauty of Salobrena. Malaga International Airport is very much near to this tourist destination. Historic city of Granada and majestic Alhambra Palace are all just kilometers away from this tourist destination. Sierra Nevada mountain range is also an hour drive from Salobrena, which is renowned for its ski slopes.

Salobrena is ideal to visit in the wintertime for sunbathe in the daytime and ski in the noon. Mild climate and the numerous sport activities make Salobrena more versatile. Sierra Chaparral mountain range gives background charm to the place in total. Lush fields and gardens endowed with sugar canes are more and more realistic and natural. Bars and restaurants are also made worthy for the large number of customers from various parts of the world. Transportations are not a big problem here with the variant options like buses, cars, and bikes etc.


Renaissance had originated in Florence. Hence this place is the most sought after by art lovers worldwide. Another reason to visit the city is for its sheer beauty. One of the most noteworthy places to be visited on Florence is the Uffizi. This gallery has almost all of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Raphael, Bernini. Hours spend in the place cannot be acknowledged and time passes swiftly amidst these world famous works. Replicas of the arts can be bought from various places throughout Florence. 

It was during the 1700s that Venice slowly started taking part in the renaissance. Although being one of the major powers of the time, it took time for renaissance to catch up in these parts. And it is to be noted that the city has been practically untouched for all these years. The reader need not enter any gallery to get a glimpse of the art works done in Venice. Mere hours walk through the place is more than enough to fill ones art appetite. Gallerie dell'Accademia is another place in Venice that should not be missed at any cost. The city is still maintained in its true form despite the steadily increasing flow of the tourists. 

Baroque arts coupled with renaissance can be found only in the city of Rome. No other city features so much of monuments and museums like in Rome. National Gallery should not be missed at any costs. Centuries old works by famous personalities is housed in here. Fear not many tour companies provide such art tours these days. It is often integrated into the tour package and tourists need not opt for other tour agencies for the purpose.  



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