Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Top 5 Tips To Book The Best Cruise

Before booking the best cruise, you must check out some factors so that you get maximum benefits. The factors you must take into account are the following:

1. Booking Your Trip Early:
To avail the early bird rates, you must book your trip in advance. That means you should know when and where you want to travel, so plan your trip well in advance to avail this opportunity. This is the best selection as it will give you the best option on everything, from itineraries to the best cabin categories. You will get the early bird rates which maybe upto half the scheduled rate. Try to book the cruise at least a year before so that you are benefitted the most. If you are sailing to enjoy the Caribbean festivals, then the best booking period is between January to March. If you intend to travel to Europe and Alaska then the booking period has no time limit. You can book anytime in advance. Nowadays the cruise lines offer discounted rates round the year to push up their sales. They offer many facilities to the customers to lure. It is always better to book early so that you do not encounter disappointment during the peak season.

2. Different Regions Have Different Lead Times
Take for example Alaska; here ships do not sail in winter time. Everything is frozen, so to sail to Alaska you must book much before. Booking early will get you more benefits from cruise rates to hotel rates. The seasonal cruise must be planned before as there is quite a rush in peak time. There are some exotic destinations in Australia and in Europe, which are very seasonal, so your planning must be way ahead for booking your trip to these regions. 

3. Be Wise In Your Approach
Sometimes booking a cruise even a week before can fetch you a good discount. It depends if the ship is not filled in full. If you do not have any time set for cruise then you can opt for this opportunity. It all depends on your luck, this is a risk you have to take and you might turn out to be lucky. If there are few seats available in the ship then you might get a discount as the cruise line will try to fill up the seats.  

4. Book Early If Travelling In Group
Book much early if you are going to sail in a group to avoid disappointment. It will help your group to accommodate with dining rooms. Moreover, your cabins will be close to each other. Booking early will avail you the early bird rates and other facilities too. Above all, your full group will be close to each other.

5. Last Minute Or Death-Hour Booking May Fetch A Good Deal
You can get your booking done within 45 to 90 days before sailing. You might be lucky to get discounted fares as the cruise line would think to fill the ship in full. These last minute fares will not be as low as the early bird booking. If you book late, you will not get the option to choose your cabin as per your choice. You have to accept what is available. But if you do not care for the cabin so much, then this could be the best choice for you.