Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mexico Holidays

Metropolises and the Mayans :  Mexico is between two continents offering beautiful beaches, anrique history and natural beauty. Travellers mostly enjoy the stunning coastline.

mexico beachCaribbean Coast and Pacific Coast: East of Mexico is on the the Caribbean Sea. Beautiful 16 miles of white sand there. Cancun is the main attraction area. West coast mostly with mountains also attracts many tourists.
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About Mexico: This Page
Since ancient times, people have gathered together in communities

where they could share and trade resources and strive to build a
safe and happy environment. Gradually, as populations grew and
societies became more complex, communities expanded to become
nations - groups of people who felt sufficiently bound by a common
heritage to work together for a shared future.

Land has usually played an important role in defining a nation.
People have a natural affection for the landscape in which they grew
up. They are proud of its natural beauties - the mountains, rivers and
forests - and of the towns and cities that flourish there. People are
proud, too, of their nation’s history - the shared struggles and achievements
that have shaped the way they live today.

Religion, culture, race and lifestyle, too, have sometimes played a
role in fostering a nation’s identity. Often, though, a nation includes
people of different races, beliefs and customs. Many have come from
distant countries, and some want to preserve their traditional lifestyles.
Nations have rarely been fixed, unchanging things, either territorially
or racially. Throughout history, borders have changed, often
under the pressure of war, and people have migrated across the globe
in search of a new life or of new land, or because they are fleeing
from oppression or disaster. The world’s nations are still changing
today: some nations are breaking up and new nations are forming.
The modern nation of Mexico is the result of a meeting between
two great civilizations: that of the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica
and that of the Spanish empire that conquered the country in the
16th century. At first, the collision of these two civilizations was
wholly disastrous. The Spanish killed and enslaved the native peoples
and set out to destroy their cities, their art and their way of life. Over
the years, however, the peoples have intermingled and learnt to live
together. Today, Mexico’s largely mixed-'blood population can look
back on almost two centuries of history as an independent nation.