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About 50 million people visit Italy every year. Many come as tourists to enjoy the country's
various tourist sites and attractions:
• coastal resorts such as Rimini on the Adriatic

Historical towns and cities such as Pisa with its leaning tower.

• the capital city Rome where people can visit the Vatican City and ancient ruins such as
the Colosseum
• the Roman city o f Pompeii, which was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius
• rural landscapes in regions such as Tuscany 
• mountain peaks and lakes such as Lake Como, which attract tourists for both
summer and winter holidays.

The effects of tourism
Tourism helps create jobs and brings money to Italy. Jobs are especially important in rural
areas where there is often a high level of unemployment. However, most o f these jobs
are only seasonal. Seaside jobs, for example, are mainly from mid-July to the end o f August.
Tourism brings changes to the environment. Land is needed for buildings and for roads.
Better water supplies are needed and there are problems of pollutio n where new sewage
treatment works have not been built. Traffic congestion in popular tourist cities such as
Siena is a regular problem.


The Romans took possession of Malta in 218 bc.They renamed it ‘Melita’, which means ‘honey
island’, and built villas and public baths there. The capital city of the same name was built in
the middle of the island. During the period of Roman rule there was a shipwreck that proved
to be of great significance for the island. The apostle Paul, a Roman citizen, was a prisoner on
a ship sailing for Rome. The ship ran into a fierce storm and capsized. Paul was washed ashore on
the coast o f Malta. He stayed on the island for three months, during which time he set up Malta’s
first Christian community. This story is related in the Bible (Acts 27). The bay where St Paul was
cast ashore still carries his name. Visit : www.visitmalta.com  and http://lollypop-holidays.org.uk/malta-holidays.html


Any visitor to the north const between Iraklio and Malia will be unable to ignore the changes 
that mass tourism has brought to Crete. But the island is trying to turn the tide, with ambitious plans for green tourism that will Introduce a much-needed balance between  the need for foreign currency and the ravages that low-budget tourism brings to the island's ecology and social life.

Topless sunbathing for women has become a commonplace feature of most western
European beaches, and Crete is no exception. There are many secluded spots for whole-hog
nudists; but visitors are well advised to behave with some
sensitivity as many older Cretans do not care for the trend. As a rule, toplessness is all right on
secluded tourist beaches, but should be avoided on public stretches of the town beach. http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/greek_islands/crete

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