Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lollipop Holidays in France

France is separated from Spain by
the Pyrenees mountains in the
south. The Alps, in the south-east,
separate France from Italy and

Most people in France live in the low,
flattish land in the north and south-west
of the country. Flat land is better
for farming. It is also easier to build
roads and buildings on flat land. There
are some low hills and valleys made by
rivers there, too.

Canals link many rivers. Rivers and
canals are used to move things
from place to place and for holiday boats.

Different parts of France have very
different weather. The south has hot,
dry summers and cool, wet winters.
The north and west are cooler all
year round.
It can be very cold in the east of France
in winter. When the wind blows from
the east, it brings cold air from the
frozen parts of Russia. The mountains
are coldest of all, with heavy snow in
winter. Summer in the south of France.
People work, shop and play games like
boules (in the picture) in the cooler mornings
or evenings.

There are not many places in France
where the land has not been cleared
for homes or farming. Even much of
the scrubland in the south has been
The mountains and the wet
marshlands still have their natural
plants, although some areas of
marshland have been drained to use
for farming.
There are not many wild animals left
in France. There are some wolves
and wild boar in the mountains.
The south of France has bad weather, too. It has storms in
summer and a strong wind called the Mistral can blow at up to
100 kilometres per hour. The Carmargue marshland in
the south of France. Many animals and birds live wild
here - there are not many people.